Al-Surmi for Funiture

"Al-Surmi for Furniture" was founded by its owner and founder Mr. Ali Hussein Hussein Al-Surmi early of the eighties of last century in Sana'a city. It has branches in several other main cities like Aden city and Hodeidah city.

"Al-Surmi for Furniture" considered one of the first importers in the Yemeni Furniture & Mobilya market, characterized by high quality products and international standards that keep pace with the modern developments. It imports from several global and regional factories and countries, such as the United States of America, Germany, Turkey, China, France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, South Korea, the United Arab of Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

"Al-Surmi for Furniture" characterized by several showrooms and halls in several main streets, such as “High Class for Furniture” - Haddah Street,  opposite to Saba Islamic Bank, “Al-Surmi for Furniture” (Carpets and W2W section), Al-Khartoum Street - formerly Mujahid St.,  “Dreams Palace for Furniture”, Al-Khartoum Street - formerly Mujahid St.,  “High Class For Furniture – Aden”, Ninety Street, Mansoura, Kabuta area in front of Al-Mustakbel Petroleum Station, “Al- Surmi for Furniture”  Hodeidah, Sana'a Street.

"Al-Surmi for Furniture" represents International Mobilya factories of first-class like “Kilim Mobilya – Turkey” and several other Mobilya factories. It represents also first-class factories of Turkish carpets and rugs, that featured by its high quality products and fixed colors of premium materials.


Our displayed products consist of double bedrooms sets , single bedrooms sets, teen bedrooms sets, classic sofa sets, modern sofa sets, dining rooms sets, T.V. display units, coffee tables, shoes cabinets, counters for Antiques and Gifts (consuls and corners display), lampshades, mattresses double & single, Korean blankest double & single, duvet cover sets (cotton), Rugs of varied sizes and qualities, carpet rolls of diverse qualities, prayer rugs of different qualities and sizes, W2W carpets of diverse qualities, runners carpets, PVC vinyl flooring of different designs, German Parquet of multiple designs and colors, fabrics of setting halls, curtains fabric, as well as making local setting saloons.

AL-SURMI for furniture

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